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From Massimo D'Amico and Fabian
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Dear Friend,
How would you like to get a huge surge of unique, targeted traffic to your offer?
If so, you have come to the right page!

Email marketing is still one of the BEST ways to get traffic.

Newfangled traffic sources like Social Media, Mobile Advertising, PPV (Pay-Per-View) and PTC (Paid-To-Click) are unpredictable, often untargeted and convert poorly for most offers.

Simply put, they do not generate the results you hope for, particularly if you are looking to build a list in the Internet Marketing and Make Money Online niche.

There are not many traffic sources around which suit the Internet Marketing and Make Money Online niche well.

Even the traditional online advertising methods like PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and banner ads are hard to convert with. The best converting traffic sources for the IM niche are still email traffic and the Warrior Forum, which caters to Internet marketers.

Sure, there are joint ventures and giveaway events, but they too rely on email traffic.

So what's the solution? Email solo ads! Go straight to the email traffic source!

Get email traffic without having your own email list, having to qualify for giveaway events,
or begging joint venture partners to promote your product.

Just acquire solo ads to blast to your offer and you will have tidal waves of qualified, targeted traffic hitting your page, subscribing to your list or buying products from you.

We have a combined list total of 128,000+ subscribers from all over the world (around 90% are from the Top Countries in IM - US, Canada, UK, Australia) in the Internet Marketing and Make Money niche.

Get Response Lists:

Aweber Lists:

The subscribers on the lists have opted in to receive information on topics like:

* Internet Marketing
* Make Money Online
* Home Business
* Biz Opps
* Affiliate Marketing
* Generating Web Traffic
* List Building


email - massimodami@gmail.com   |  FB - facebook.com/massimodami

Here's our special offer:

You will get 100 to 1,000 unique, targeted clicks to your offer depending on what you order!
Your offer will be sent to our BUYERS list also!  ( We get hundreds of fresh leads daily, meaning
you get hot traffic! )

Here is a screenshot showing we have achieved 400+ positive reviews on solo ad marketplace!

More recent reviews below!

More positive reports below!

Here are more details of our solo ad deal:

* Traffic will be sent from our opt-in subscriber lists and buyer lists!
No other traffic source is involved in the process.

* All clicks will be sent within 72 hours of the agreed broadcast date.
Typically, they are delivered within 24-48 hours!

* Only opt-in pages are allowed (provided they are suitable quality offers) as we cannot guarantee how many sales you will receive with your solo ad from a sales page. We can guarantee that your offer will be sent to our list and you will receive the amount of UNIQUE clicks you paid for! You can redirect subscribers from your opt-in form to your paid offer. It is better to build a list from a lead capture page, as you can then follow-up with your subscribers and market to them for a long time to come!

* We will do only a small re-write of your swipe. Changing it slightly to suit our list means your offer will be more responsive to our subscribers, which results in HIGHER opt-ins and conversions!

* Your solo ad will be sent out within 1-2 weeks in most cases. We will inform you of the date that the solo ad will be sent. You can also indicate a preferred date thereafter if you are not satisfied with the date we have chosen (subject to availability).

* Click fulfillment is GUARANTEED!

* We reserve the right to refuse any offer. If it's not a suitable fit for our lists, we will refund your order.



After ordering, please email us (
massimodami@gmail.com ) with the following details:

1. Your Paypal email address that you ordered from

2. Your email ad copy (if you don't have one, we write one for you)

3. The URL you want clicks to be sent to

We will respond to your email ASAP (usually within 24-48 hours) and confirm the date
we will send out your solo ad.

*Disclaimer: we can only guarantee the amount of clicks your offer receives, we obviously cannot determine how many opt-ins or sales you will receive with the solo ad. However, we CAN guarantee that your offer
will be broadcast to our high quality email list and you will receive the amount of unique clicks you paid for.

No refunds will be given for Solo Ads after the ad is sent, due to the nature of this offer. If you are
not 100% sure you want to use our service, please do not order. If you are confident in your offer
and want to increase your traffic, please order right away.



1) What kind of offers are accepted?

Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, Home Business, and Biz Opp offers.

2) Do I have to send a pre-written email swipe or will the ad be written?

You can send us a pre-written email swipe or we can write the ad for you, the decision is yours

3) How big is your list?

The combined list consists of 128,000+ subscribers.
(90% are from the Top Tier 1.  Plus other lists with US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand).

4) Does your list include buyers?

Yes, several thousand of the list are buyers, it's increasing daily.

5) What is the percentage of Top Tier traffic?

Around 90% of the traffic will be from the Top Tier countries.

6) What traffic generation methods are used to build the list?

We are getting hundreds of new subscribers daily through ad swaps, PPC, Facebook ads,
solo ads, article marketing, banner ads and media buys.

7) When can you run my ad?

Generally your ad will be sent within a few days to a week or so after ordering,
depending on how busy the schedule is.  We will inform you of the date that the solo ad will be sent.


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Twitter =>  https://twitter.com/massimodamico







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