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Mobile Billboards Los Angeles

Mobile Billboards Los Angeles

Mobile billboards in Los Angeles are the perfect way to market your company. Place compelling content in front of your market with a captivating digital billboard from Legion Digital.

What are electronic billboards?

Mobile billboard trucks display advertisements across your city. People do not always follow the same route and trends change over time. A display in one location may offer a return on investment one day but not reach anyone one week later.

Effective mobile billboards in Los Angeles reach a multitude more people than their stationary counterparts. Our trucks seek out your customers, presenting your brand in rush hour, at events, and to everyone in your neighborhood without requiring someone to pass by a specific location.

What is the return on investment for billboard advertising?

The Advertising Association of America reports that billboards return $5.97 for every dollar invested. Billboards educate existing customers on deals, specials, and basic information.

The way you use a billboard matter. These are not commercial spots but a way to push your product and even brief messages. Billboards also work well for new businesses without market recognition.

Why does a mobile billboard work?

Billboards are effective due to their ability to present your deals, specials, and short messages. A mobile LED billboard truck in Los Angeles seeks out your market at ground level.

Our trucks are catchy and capable of turning heads without forcing people to look up. We reach more people much more easily than a traditional advertisement.

Do people pay attention to billboards?

People pay attention to billboards. Nearly everyone who looks at a billboard retains the information they see.

Arbitron found that of the respondents polled, 80 percent were able to recall billboard messages some of the time and 50 percent recalled messages all the time. This percentage rose to 66 percent when messages were on the side of a taxi or bus. Mobile advertising works.

Regulations impacting digital advertising

While advertising trucks are effective, Los Angeles mobile billboards fall under a specific subset of regulations. Distracted driving is a major issue in America, and we cannot become part of the problem with some cities opting to ban mobile billboards.

Spark Mobile Video reports no major ordinances related to the use of traditionally safe content during normal business hours. However, the city of Los Angeles prohibits parking trailers and other such advertising trucks on public streets. This does not impact your private land.

Mobile Billboard Company in Los Angeles

Effective mobile billboards in Los Angeles present information to your target market when they are most likely to see it. Whether driving in the city or parked on private land, we can help you present your brand, daily specials, and promotions at ground level where they are visible to everyone.

Evidence shows that mobile billboards are more effective than their traditional counterparts with a significant return on investment. Visit our website or get in touch with our team to find out how we can help promote your business through mobile billboards in Los Angeles.

Mobile Billboards Los Angeles
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